“Wherever the river flows, life will flourish…” Ezekiel 47:9

A River Valley is the lowland between ranges of mountains or hills with a river or stream running along the bottom.  Historically, great civilizations were established along the river valley because of the reliable source of water available for drinking and agriculture.  Spiritually, the river of the Holy Spirit flows continuously to and through our lives.  Right now you may find yourself in a season of flourishing.  Or, you may be walking through the lowest valley of your life.  No matter what your current situation looks like, know that there is no circumstance too difficult that the river of life can’t flow through and transform into a flourishing garden.  Wherever you find yourself today, there is a place for you in the kingdom of God.  You are deeply loved by Jesus & He desires relationship with you.  And, If you are in search of a community of believers to belong to, there is room for you at River Valley.

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